Monday, August 6, 2012

Exit Interview ;)

Kiley told me this story in a letter to me. I thought it was hilarious and just had to share :)

Dear Relley,

...Can I please tell you the super awkward thing my mission president told me in my final interview. He looked me sin the eye and with a straight face said "Sister Bailey your not getting any younger and you dont want to waste your baby bearing years." I wanted to vomit. I was like "EW SICK!!!!!" Wow nothing like having your mission president say that to you! Wow thanks pres! It was nasty. I seriously felt so awkward. I was like "umm yeah." Yeah I have no plan to have children. That sounds atrocious. Anyways that was my awkward exit interview story. I hope you giggled about it. Then today when the elders called to tell us transfer doctrine they were like "sister bailey you are getting transfered to....BYU IDAHO!!! Your new mission is to find an eternal companion." the other one in the background yells "Yeah you dont want to miss out on your baby making years" and the other ones starts "tick tock tick tock." I wanted to punch both of them! The little poops!! It was pretty funny. I love to tell people how awkward that was because I find it super funny! Anyways thats my weird story for the week.

Well Im excited to see you this week! I love you so much!!! See you soon
love. sister bailey

Kiley's LAST letter!

July 30, 2012

Dear Sweet, most faithful writer, amazing, wonderful, hardest working, wonderful, perfect example mother,
Holy crap. I am in shock that this week is here. It is seriously so weird. I want thursday to be here so badly but at the same time I am so scared for it! Tuesday is going to feel like a very long day. Its my last day as a missionary. Wednesday I spend with the mission president at the temple and such and then bright and early thursday morning I get to be with you!!! YAY!!! holy cow!! AHHHHH I have such weird feelings inside of me Icannot even describe them to you. I couldnt sleep last night and this morning I woke up sick to my stomach. It is so strange. I am just so excited to see all of you but so so so nervous. It is going to be good. So we arent allowed to cry at the aiport. Its a no no ok? Please remember this. Mom where on earth did the time go? I am with you I feel like its just yesterday Sister Terry (who you will get to meet soon!) was erasing the calendar and making me feel better. And now I am going home! I only have today and yesterday left in flower mound! HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH Can you tell I am feeling anxious. My hands are shaking. Its epic.  

Well anyways my week was good. Nothing to crazy happening. A member brought his friend to church yesterday. That was awesome! He said he really liked it and will come back! YAY!! So thats awesome. Sister Cunningham is going to be in a zebra...and the poor girl is killing again. Two kills in a row. I feel awful for her. That stinks. Shes awesome though and can totally handle it. She was a little sad yesterday. She said she felt like she was at my funeral. The Bishop announced I was leaving during third hour. Yeah it took us 30 minutes to leave the building yesterday. It was insane! Poor Sister Cunningham she wasnt too happy. They would all talk to me about what I am going to do and lah lah lah and then they would turn to leave and say "oh and sister cunningham we will see you next week." So then at dinner we are talking and sister Cunningham is telling them this story and we all laughed. Then as we left they said " well sister bailey good luck in your next chapter of life and sister cunningham...long pause...we'll see you next week!" It was so funny! We both laughed. The couple was so cute they said it in perfect unison. Oh man. It was funny.

So we are going to have to convert McKays love interest. Well as long as she joins before he marries her. I love her already! She sounds awesome..mostly becaue her name sounds like mine. Its creepy and I think its awesome! 
Im ready to hear the Lauren story. It sounds like there has been so much more going on then what I know. I am sure I will get to hear all of it during our long sleep overs. Oh man. Its going to be great.

Well mom I cant believe I am going to see you this week. I have missed you so much!  Make sure everyone stays safe this week! I will see you on thursday and then we will have ALOT of time to talk. Then maybe my stories will make more sense b ecause they wont be typed. I hate typing. I love you so so so so so so so much! I cannot wait to give you the BIGGEST hug! I miss you mom. I love you so very much!
see you super soon!!
loves loves kisses hugs
love. sister bailey 

Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23, 2012 Pictures

The first picture is me ROCKING at hoola hooping
the second one is me not NOT rocking at hoola hooping
the third is my companion...she catches random things
and the fourth is our pet spider Chester who lives outside our house.

July 23, 2012 Letter

Dear Wonderful, excited, funny, patient, hard working, still good looking even if you dont have time to get ready, best mother in the world,
Hi mom! I know isnt this the weirdest. Im so nervous about next week. Its weird. I felt like this day would never come and its still very surreal. This week is board week and President is deciding what is going to happen with everyone and Im not even on the board anymore! It is very weird. but exciting.

Well the person getting baptized I know I talked about her before I just cant remember what name I gave her. We will call her Red. We have been teaching Red the whole time I have been here. She is great and is really ready to be baptized. It has just been a struggle with the law of chastity. She is finally ready to commit though. It almost went down hill last week, thanks alot satan, but we had a good  talk and I think she really wants to gospel in her life. She is a really hard worker and has taught me alot. Its funny how you can meet people and learn so much about what you want in your life and what you dont want in your life. My mission has really helped me see what I want to have in my life. Most importantly the gospel! Man having the gospel in our lives really does give us an adavantage! I have never realized how blessed we are to have it. Im so grateful for it. Ive also realized how important education is! Man that is important to have. I want to get as much of it as I can now. Lots of things I have learned from alot of people but most recently from Red.

We are finding alot more potential lately. I am grateful for that. I have really wanted to leave more in this area then I found. Its proven to be difficult! But I love this area it really is amazing. I love the people. Sister Cunningham and I havea saying its "dont hate the people love the people." Sister Cunningham used to be a bit angsty. Its the funniest thing of my life. I like to give her a hard time about it. Now shes a people lover though.

Im so glad to hear that everyone is doing well!  thanks so much for the pictures! I love them! Baby Ella is so cute! Good Job JaRelle! That is so fun! I cannot wait to meet her. Im proud of  Tyson! I am such a sinner because I get so excited to meet Ella and to watch Tyson play soccer. I really look forward to it! Is that a sin? I dont know. The only thing I am excited for about coming home is seeing all of you. The rest of it makes me sick inside.
Umm yeah we are going to be stingy with Tosha and Eric the next week! I am NOT going to be ok with sharing. At all. Not ok. For anyone. The non sharing policy goes with all of the family members :you dad tosha eric anna wes dave jarelle peyton ella mckay lauren and tyson. No one is allowed to even think of seeing other people. Its not going to happen. Just going to throw that one out there. 

Well not alot of crazy stuff is going on. Just the usual missionary life. I like it though. Its better usual sometimes craziness is not good. 

Well I love you so so much! Thanks for everything mom. Oh yeah my favorite hymn...I have really been pondering it. My favorite hymn is Come Come ye Saints but I feel bad because I feel like everyone just sang it for pioneer day. So if that sounds like an awful idea because I have been given much is a good one too.  Or  if there is one that sounds super awesome on the flute she can totally do that! I have faith in her. Umm next week I have to pay for my luggage. I have no idea how much that is. Sorry mom....I LOVE YOU!!!
Have the best week ever! I love you so much! Thanks for all that you do for me! I love love love love love lvoe you!!!
loves loves kisses hugs
love. sister bailey

Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16, 2012 Letter

Dear most special, fun, crazy, busy, exciting, splendid, beautiful, wonderful Mother!

Hi mom! How are you doing? I am doing pretty good. We have had a pretty good week so far. It is amazing how fast the weeks are going. It is truly strange. I felt like this transfer would go kinda slow but it has been SO fast. Holy cow I cant believe it. 

Tyson is the sweetst kid in the world! That little boy is amazing. I love how kind he is to everyone. He is so special and I just love him to death! Powell sounds like it was so fun. I am glad you had a good time and that no ones ribs were broken :)  I can't believe Tyson is wakeboarding! Wasn't he afraid of it when I left? Wow Good Job Tyson!

I cant believe your children aren't calling you! Don't they know how lucky they are to be able to call their mom! I will smack them around a bit for you mom. If I could I would be calling you daily. I'm pretty sure I am going to bug the crap out of you when I get home because I haven't been able to talk/see you for so long!

Well this week we set a baptism date with one of our investigators! I am so excited! Her date is for Aug. 4. It is going to be amazing! Im really excited for her. Its amazing how you just come to love the people. It was a sad week because alot of the members who I really love left this past week and will be gone until August. So I had to say goodbye to some of them. I was like well this is strange! I still have so long left but Im saying goodbye. The people here are amazing and I really love them. I just love the people in Texas.

Other than that we are just working hard to find. Oh finding. It is a treat. I love it more. Then I love feet. It rhymed.

I love Alma and the sons of Mosiah. They are amazing. I love the Anti Nephi-Lehis as well. They were some amazing covenant keepers. And I love you because you have been a wonderfully perfect example of covenant keeping. I am lucky to have such a great mom! Thanks so much for all you do!

Well I love you so so so much!! I miss you mom BUT we dont think about that because it leads to trunky thoughts! Oh man trunkiness. Well I love you I love you I LOVE YOU!!!
loves loves kisses hugs
love. sister bailey
ps. im kinda excited to hug you. oops  I  didnt say that out loud!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 9, 2012 Letter

Dear Wonderful, Trunkie, Sweet, Lovely, Partying, Faithful, Smart, Amazing Mother
Hi Mom! So guess what you win the award for most faithful writer. I like you for that. You win! Ask Dad what you won. Hahah(evil laugh) Im an awful child. Man your life sounds so fun! Lake Powell sounds like it will be so fun! I am glad that you have things to keep you busy! Im so grateful to have missionary work! Sometimes you hear about these missionaries who check out their last transfer and I simply dont get it! Not working would be awful! The work is what keeps me focused. Sometimes though I still have some freak out moments. Its a little scary coming home.
Well then on to the current stuff! Sister Cunningham and I are doing well! She is a great companion! She is really teaching me alot. I really do love her. SHe puts up with all my craziness! I know I bet you cant imagine me being crazy. Im a bit of a talker..I know shock right! She is so cute she just lets me go and then she will do something and reign me back in. Its kinda funny. We work really well together. She works so hard on being a consecrated missionary and is really helping me to be even more consecrated. I love her for it. 

We are working on finding. We are teaching one person right now! But we need to find more. We have decided that we need to be working on our faith. I read about the stripling warriors earlier this week and was so struck by their faith. Everything they did was because of their faith. I want to have faith like the Stripling warriors so I can find more people to teach here! Maybe you could put in some special prayers for us and our faith in finding!   
Our 4th was pretty good! We met a really nice lady who invited us back this week! I am excited about that! Its a good step! Im feeling some hope about it! I had a less active freak out on me. That was exciting. The next day I sinned and compared the person to the zoramites in the book of mormon. Yes sometimes I am bad. Other than that nothing to eventful happened. We couldnt see any fireworks from our apt. I really wish we could have! I miss them. I thought about cute Jonathon. I cant believe it has been 6 years either. Thats amazing. Time goes so fast. Its a little gross.

Well I love you so much mom! I think you are amazing! I hope you have the best week ever! Thanks so much for all that you do! I love you I love you I LOVE YOU!!!
loves loves kisses hugs
love. sister bailey

Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2, 2012 Pictures! :)

Ok here are some pictures:
 the first is just me being SUPER awesome. Yep Im classy!
 the second is the exotic wild life here....yes the squirrel
 the third is my EXTREMELY sad short hair!

the fourth is me and Sister Cunningham. Shes cool.