Monday, August 6, 2012

Exit Interview ;)

Kiley told me this story in a letter to me. I thought it was hilarious and just had to share :)

Dear Relley,

...Can I please tell you the super awkward thing my mission president told me in my final interview. He looked me sin the eye and with a straight face said "Sister Bailey your not getting any younger and you dont want to waste your baby bearing years." I wanted to vomit. I was like "EW SICK!!!!!" Wow nothing like having your mission president say that to you! Wow thanks pres! It was nasty. I seriously felt so awkward. I was like "umm yeah." Yeah I have no plan to have children. That sounds atrocious. Anyways that was my awkward exit interview story. I hope you giggled about it. Then today when the elders called to tell us transfer doctrine they were like "sister bailey you are getting transfered to....BYU IDAHO!!! Your new mission is to find an eternal companion." the other one in the background yells "Yeah you dont want to miss out on your baby making years" and the other ones starts "tick tock tick tock." I wanted to punch both of them! The little poops!! It was pretty funny. I love to tell people how awkward that was because I find it super funny! Anyways thats my weird story for the week.

Well Im excited to see you this week! I love you so much!!! See you soon
love. sister bailey

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